Treadmills, as equipment for exercise and fitness, are extremely effective. However, it is important to note that there are guidelines and safety precautions to follow when attempting to use a treadmill to avoid the risk of turning a simple workout into an injury fest.


Carelessness must be avoided and it is therefore advised that treadmills must be kept away from children and pets at all times.


Like every other machinery, if misused, they become a danger to the user and to minimize the risk of this sort of situation, here are some simple safety tips and guidelines to follow when using a treadmill:



The reason for this is to ensure that you do not have any medical conditions that might be aggravated by the use of a treadmill.


In fact, it is advised that you consult a medical personnel before you begin any exercise program to confirm that it is safe. Conditions such as heart or lung problems might be aggravated by improper or excessive treadmill usage.



You might be tempted to increase the speed of the treadmill too quickly, especially if you’re a professional athlete or a runner with a lot of experience.

However, it is important to start slowly from your first time, and let your body adjust to the pace and rhythm of the machine by itself as you slowly build up the pace. This way, you avoid giving your body too much adapting to do at once.




Usually, while exercising on a treadmill, your attention might be drawn to the movement of your feet, especially if you’re a first timer. The result of this is that your feet follow the movement of your eyes, and if your eyes move side to side, your feet might follow and disrupt the proper movement, possibly causing you to get injured by the moving belts on the side of the machine. If you let this happen, there is a good chance that you will lose balance on the machine and fall. Dizziness is not completely alien in the use of treadmills for exercising, especially for inexperienced users, but the effects can be reduced if you follow due procedure. The first few times, you might feel disoriented when you step off the treadmill, so it is advised that you should find something to hold on to for balance till the dizziness reduces.




When you want to begin a session, do not stand with your feet on the treadmill belts. You should stand with your feet apart on either side of the machine before you turn it on.

If you stand on the belts while you turn it on, there is a chance that the machine will start at a pace higher than what you expect and this will throw you off balance, potentially causing an injury too.

Although, most treadmills always start slowly when they are turned on, it is still advisable that you straddle the machine before you turn it on, then increase the speed methodically after you climb on and begin your workout.




It might be okay for a learner to use the handrails while getting used to the movement of the machine, and it is also allowed for more experienced users to use the machine’s handrails after they become completely familiar with its movement.

However, using the handrails for an extended period will cause some strain on the joints at the elbows and shoulders. Having to hold on to the handrails might also be a sign that you have set the speed or incline of the machine too high.

If this is the case, you should adjust it to a less strenuous level to avoid losing balance. Additionally, using handrails reduce the effectiveness of your workout, as less calories are burnt this way due to the reduction in the involvement of the core leg muscles.



You might find it hard to maintain a quick pace on a steep incline, so if you must increase the speed of the machine, set your incline at a level you’re sure that will be comfortable with, and then slowly increase the speed of the machine.

If you increase the speed before you have properly set the level of the incline and adjusted to it, then there is a great likelihood that you will slip and fall. Keep both balanced.


The moving belts of the treadmill create a lot of friction and heat, so it is important that you keep your feet covered and well protected.

Blisters, burns and scrapes can result from working out on a treadmill barefoot. Be sure to wear proper footwear to protect your feet from these injuries and to absorb the shock of the machine’s movement. Additionally, it is unsanitary to workout barefoot because the germs on your feet will spread. In fact, gyms hardly allow people to make use of their treadmills barefoot for this reason.


If you must step off the treadmill for any reason before the end of your workout, make sure that you turn it off before you do.


You might be tempted to leave it running to answer the door or attend briefly to other such matters but it is extremely unsafe. A moving treadmill is a potential danger and must be completely shut off when not in use.


There is an emergency shut off button on every treadmill and as the name implies, you can use this in emergency situations such as a case of injury or a piece of clothing caught in between the moving parts of the machine.

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Finally, you must know your limits when you’re exercising. Do not push yourself too hard to avoid causing problems within your body system.

It is advisable that you keep track of the levels of increase and decrease in your heart rate to make sure that you are not working harder than your heart can take. If you are, you are putting yourself at the mercy of serious health issues like heart attacks and strokes.

Treadmills are a great tool for exercising and they help people who cannot or do not want to run outside to stay in shape. However, it is important to follow these guidelines to ensure that you do not expose yourself to avoidable injuries or health problems in the course of getting some exercise.


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